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4 x day course

Ages 10+ years 


Young actors, are you serious about your acting career? THIS course is a GAME changer! 5 solid days, 5 coaches - all highly experienced and professionally trained experts in their field. Covering multiple areas of performance that are all a MUST for your skill set as an actor. Walk away with the knowledge and understanding that is expected and required from actors of all ages. Give you and your acting career a HUGE head start and get in front of the competition with our Summer Youth Acting Program. The time is now.

Samuel Addison_1.jpeg

DAY 1 - Monday | Acting Techniques and Audition Skills with Samuel Addison


What is acting? Discover the various approaches and techniques used by professional actors and learn about the principal areas of auditioning, and more importantly how to get your audition skills perfect for when you get those career-launching opportunities. Taught by charismatic actor Samuel Addison, who has a BA of Theatre from Curtin University and has worked in countless plays, film projects and performs regularly! 

Samuel Ireland_2.jpeg

DAY 2 - Tuesday | Acting for Film & TV with Samuel Ireland

Acting on a film or television set, what is expected? What is the proper etiquette? What is required of me? Uncover the tips, tricks and skills required to be a professional screen actor. Taught by Samuel Ireland, who won the lead role of TV's "Itch" on ABC over thousands of other actors. He has trained at both WAAPA and Curtin and has also worked non-stop in theatre and films. He also started his own theatre company!

Kate Hall_1.jpg

DAY 3 - Wednesday | Speech & Voice Over with Kate Hall

An Actor's voice is one of the most important assets. Knowing how to use your voice is crucial to any given performance, whether it be a loud projection on stage or a whisper in a sound booth. Get your vocals on track with Speech and Acting expert Kate Hall, who has worked for over 30 years in film, tv, theatre and voice work. Kate has worked with many well known actors such as Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman. This class also includes a recording of a voice over demo for your portfolio!  

CJ Hampson_4.jpg

DAY 4 - Thursday | Comedy & Improv with CJ Hampson

Time to get laughing! Comedy is such a different type of skill to the more common "serious" type of acting, and very often, building a character requires you to explore a more humorous side! Its time to let go and explore your comedic talents. Its also super beneficial for actors to be familiar with improvisation - which happens more often than we think (especially in auditions) CJ performs comedy and improv every week and has received thousands of views with "Acting with CJ" on Youtube.

Sarah Joy Light_3.jpg

DAY 5 - Friday | Casting Workshop with Sarah Light

Casting is a process all actors must be familiar with. Whether it be a commercial or role in a feature film, its important to have a thorough understanding of how this method works and how you as an actor can best approach the casting call. Who better to learn from than a working professional. A triple threat, Sarah Light spent many years working as an actor in film, television and commercials. The last couple of years she put her skills to casting, allowing her so much insight on the dos and don'ts of what makes a memorable audition.



5 X Day Course


MON 9th January - FRI 13th January

10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

(each Day)

Course Cost 



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